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Thank you for joining us for the 2019 OnRamps Summit. We are delighted to explore our theme, From Engagement to Achievement: How Facilitated Networks Set Students On a Path for Success with each of you. Today, you will have an opportunity to innovate with a community of thought leaders in secondary and higher education working to transform learning and instruction and ensure all students meet their full potential.

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Tuesday, June 25




2.3.1 Conics (The Ellipse Proof) Room 614FULLTobi Brooks Coding for Non-Coders: Making Logic Pretty Room 617FILLINGErik Dillaman Exploration 2.3.1 Extension Room 619FULLEmily Jensen Fostering Graphical Intuition in High School Mathematics Room 416ABFULLMark Townsend Tips and Strategies for Geoscience Instructors for a Solid Grounding in Unit 1 Room 410Christopher Tijerina High-Tech Career Fields in the Navy Room 412RDML Brendan McLane Student Accommodations in OnRamps: What is New for 2019-2020 Room 616ABFILLINGJennifer Porter Take a Breather While Becoming a College and Career Pro Room 417ABJaslyn Greene • Samantha Gonzalez An Equation for a Science Book Study Room 602Kari Swietlik • Loreni Kerecman • Rebecca Erickson Bridging the Gap Between High School and College: Student Engagement Strategies for the OnRamps Classroom Room 406FULLAbby Cariker We're All In This Together Room 415ABCharlotte Russell • Susan Hemphill Expanding the Role of Inquiry-Based Learning in PHY-1 through Labs Austin Grand Ballroom Salon GFULLJonathan Perry • Jason Dowd 5 Power Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Students Austin Grand Ballroom Salon FJennifer Saenz • Yvonne Loya A Short Primer on Using Digital Tools in the History Classroom Room 408FULLEric Busch Impacting Success through Canvas Design Room 615ABRaul Pineda How to Program a Working Clock in Processing Using Parametric Equations Room 414Sarah Breidenich • James Pigg From Mute to Mozart in 5 weeks: The Genius of OnRamps! Room 404Mike Randolph Drawing Conclusions: Climate Visualizations as an Opportunity for Teaching Writing Across Disciplines Room 400 + 402FILLINGConnie Steel • Rebecca Lyle




1.4.2 Triangular Differences Room 614Melissa Helbert • Connie Haugneland 1.5.2 Pattern Verification Room 619Claudia Diaz Parametrics vs. Kinematics: A collaboration of Precalculus and Physics Room 400 + 402Jason Dowd • Emily Jensen Entitlement vs Access: What's the Difference and How do we create systems of support from IDEA to ADA? Room 415ABDr. Vickie Mitchell • Cortney Clover Nudging Admissions: Everything You Need to Know About Texas MicroMajor Room 602FILLINGKyle Beasley Emotionally Supportive Teaching for Advanced Students Room 412FILLINGRyan Thomas Field study planning session for Geoscience Room 617Jenelle Million Best Practices: Some Things Never Change Austin Grand Ballroom Salon GEbony Palmer • Cathleen Cadigan • Erika James Nerd Club: Why your students need YOU to start something new at your school Room 615ABBryce Henderson Teaching Students to Critically Analyze Data Visualizations Room 408FULLAlison Mote • Rebecca Lyle A Walk on the Wild Slide: Innovative Uses for Google Slides Room 406FULLErik Dillaman • Mackenzie Merrill New Assignment Type for PHY-1 Lab: Using Canvas and OSIS Austin Grand Ballroom Salon FFILLINGJonathan Perry • Clay Stahl Using Applets in the OnRamps Math Class Room 414FILLINGTobi Brooks Using Desmos to Conceptualize the Points of Concurrency Room 410Jeremiah Lucas Metacognition as College Readiness Strategy: A Practical Approach Room 417ABFILLINGShiloh Booker Not Just for Counselors: How Texas OnCourse Helps YOU Support Your Students Room 416ABJaslyn Greene • Jamie Bell • Samantha Gonzalez Desmos Workshop: Build a Custom Classroom Activity Room 404Mark Townsend • Susan Hemphill


2.2.1 Complex Roots Visualization Room 619FULLElise Briseno • Carol Tarsa Global Climate Change Research: Finding Credible Sources in a World of Fake News Room 406FULLAlison Mote • Connie Steel Level With Me: Advanced World Building with Tiled & Unity Room 614FULLErik Dillaman • Mackenzie Merrill Representing Race and Global Climate Change: Prophecy and Pollution in the Artwork of Fabrice Monteiro Room 412Kendyll Gross Cultivating College Community in a High School Classroom Austin Grand Ballroom Salon FLauren Proctor • Evelyn Denson • Caroline Heywood • Emily Jensen • Clay Stahl • Charlotte Russell • Kari Swietlik • Joanna Turner OnRamps student outcomes: Interpreting from the student perspective Room 410FILLINGEmily Wade • Matt Giani College Admissions 101 Room 414Alexandria Mitchell Epic Fail: An open discussion for any teacher who has ever failed or had a student who failed. Room 415ABLindsey Buff • Kellen Morgan Intersection of CH 301 and CH 302 Room 615ABLoreni Kerecman • Rebecca Erickson Team Teaching and Campus Collaboration: Connecting Strategies and Successes in Growth Austin Grand Ballroom Salon GJaime Babcock • Diana Adamson • Sean Knight • Ann Marquez Constructivist Learning in Direct Instruction: Turning Teacher-Centered into Student-Centered Room 408FULLJonathan Perry • Jason Dowd Entry Points to the Past: Teaching Complexity and Connections in History Room 616ABFILLINGChris Ernst Inquiry-based Learning Applied to Debugging Code Room 602Rebecca Lyle • Daniel Gerds OnRamps 101: From Implementation to Accountability Room 617FILLINGJennifer Saenz College Enrollment for OnRamps Students Room 400 + 402Rachel Wester


1.5.2 Pattern Verification Room 617Sandra Whitley 2.2.1 Complex Roots Visualization Room 619Elise Briseno • Carol Tarsa 3.1.1 A Number Between 2 and 3 and 3.1.2 More on that special number Room 614FILLINGChad Gilliland Representing Race and Global Climate Change: Prophecy and Pollution in the Artwork of Fabrice Monteiro Room 412Kendyll Gross Using Popular Music as a Primary Source Text in the History Classroom Room 616ABFILLINGRich Kelly Visualizing OnRamps Chemistry with Fun Demonstrations Room 615ABLoreni Kerecman • Rebecca Erickson Coaching for a Mathematical Mindset Room 414Charlotte Russell • Susan Hemphill Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity Austin Grand Ballroom Salon FConnie Steel • Shiloh Booker • Eric Busch Instilling Growth Mindset: The Power of Choice in Learning Austin Grand Ballroom Salon GDaniel Gerds • Mackenzie Merrill Easy A: How Texas OnCourse Supports Accountability Ratings Room 416ABLara Gueguen • Jaslyn Greene The Future Is Out There: Help Your Students Dream Big and Achieve Their Career Goals Room 406Lori Knight • Jamie Bell • Allison Rizzolo Facts, Opinions, and the Science of "Knowing" in Science Room 408FULLJason Dowd • Clay Stahl Finding Signals with Meaning Room 602Kim Pries Math is Everywhere: Breaking Down Logic Problems Room 400 + 402Jeremiah Lucas Peer Instruction - Tips and Tricks for Enhancing PI in your OnRamps Classroom Room 417ABFILLINGDeborah Pannabecker • Elyse Zimmer Productive Failure in a Math Classroom Room 415ABFILLINGEmily Jensen 5 Power Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Students Room 404Jennifer Saenz • Yvonne Loya Spice it up with GAMES! Room 410FILLINGTobi Brooks